Jan Hrbacek

Jan Hrbacek, the 5th Dan holder, guarantees the teaching of traditional karate in ITKJ Brno. He is an international instructor, referee and test commissioner holding the International Traditional Karate Federation licence, and long-time direct student of Hidetaka Nyshiyama (the ITKF Chairman, 10th dan holder).

Since 1994 he had been living in Los Angeles for nine years, studying traditional karate in the National Karate Institute (NKI). He practised every day for several hours under sensei Hidetaka Nyshiyama’s guidance together with the American national team. During this period he passed trials for master levels, including the 5th Dan. Thus he became one of sensei Nishiyama’s direct students and instructor with an international licence. In 2003 he was chosen by ITKF among seven best athletes of traditional karate for the European Cup.

The so called CENTRAL DOJO, as NKI is also called, is the place where teams and instructors from various countries (e.g. Japan, Poland, Austria, Israel) arrive for short training stays.

Every year Jan Hrbacek has been visiting to NKI in Los Angeles, for a study stay to further improve his skill in traditional karate under sensei Nyshiyama’s guidance, to be able to provide the right training to his students. Thanks to this fact and to long-time training with various exceptional persons of world karate he is a first-class teacher of this martial art in the Czech Republic
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